Women Need to Stop Wearing Bras,Claim Scientists

There has been a lot of discussion regarding whether or not women should wear a bra. In addition, people haven't been really able to figure out if they should wear a bra for health or esthetic reasons. Putting an end to these speculations, a team of researchers have finally concluded that women should not wear bras. Researchers have been pondering a lot on this and associating the use of bras with breast cancer.
This unique research was conducted by Jean – Denis Roullion, a French Sports researcher. It is believed that bras provide the necessary support to a woman's breast, which prevents it from sagging and helpful in maintaining the overall health of the breast. The research was conducted on 330 women in the age bracket of 18 and 35, over a period of 15 years. As part of the study, the effects of wearing a bra were thoroughly analyzed and results were noted.

It was concluded that wearing a bra had no significant impact on the overall health of a woman's breasts. On the other hand, it was found out that there was a 7mm lift in the areola of women who chose not to wear a bra. It was therefore hypothesized that not wearing a bra might allow the breast to boost the production of collagen and promote elasticity. This might be hampered by the use of a bra.

Danny Jones, coordinator of a local nudist club in the New York City said, “We have always promoted the nudist lifestyle, encouraging people from across the globe to strip off. There is a reason we have been created the way we are and it is essential we follow it for a healthy living. In fact, various studies have proven that remaining clothing-free boosts confidence and promotes the overall health of the individual.”

Nudist vacations have increasingly become popular in the United States and in various parts of the globe, thanks to their principles. Besides, it is also worth mentioning that a lot of people, who once considered nakations as bad, are now beginning to understand the concept of nudism. “Our resorts attract a lot of people who visit the place looking to explore nudism for the first time. We not only tell them about the advantages of being clothing-free but also give them the opportunity to try out different things under the sun, but without clothes.”

With the study showing that wearing bras is unhealthy, we may expect a lot of women ditching their bras.


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