The bare etiquette of nudist recreation that you need to know

There are a lot of misconceptions about nudism. While some consider it as a sexual thing, others feel that it would be very awkward if someone might stare at them. However, nudism is well beyond sexuality and there are a few etiquettes that you're expected to follow if you wish to interact with others in your vicinity.
Nudist resorts are known to offer a friendly and feature-rich experience to people from across the globe. In order to ensure the comfort of users, the management of these resorts takes every measure to safeguard the privacy of customers. Here are a few unwritten rules that you're expected to comply with while connecting with other nudists:

Always carry a towel: This is regarded as a golden rule among nudists worldwide. It is advised you lay a towel before you sit down. It is worth mentioning that this practice is followed to maintain hygiene as a lot of people use the same benches and chairs.

There is nothing sexual about nudism: A lot of people fail to see the line that exists between nudism and sexuality. All the leading nudist resorts do not tolerate such behavior and would politely ask you to leave in case you indulge in such activities.

Maintain eye contact: When you're new to nudist dating and consider visiting a place that attracts a lot of nudists, you tend to look the genitilia of the other person. As you get acquainted with this, you'd feel comfortable and learn to behave appropriately with others.
Respect privacy of others: A lot of men and women that practice nudism don't wish to tell this to the entire world. Instead, they keep this a closely guarded secret and expect others to maintain the same. This is why taking photos is prohibited at these resorts.

Be nude: Wouldn't it be very awkward if you're the only person wearing clothes among those that are completely naked? Although it might take some time to become comfortable, make sure you bare it all by end of the day.

Pool rules: Similar to public pools, clothing-optional pools too require you to take a shower. In fact, more precautions are followed as there is absolutely no barrier between you and the water. In addition, any kind of clothing is banned from tubs and pools.

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