An art gallery where you can meet nudists

Who could have thought that art galleries could prove to be just another way to meet nudists

The national gallery of Australia has made this a reality. Situated in Canberra, Australia, this art gallery allows visitors to come in absolutely naked and check out some of the finest collections ever made. Could there be a better way to check out art in the most stripped out and raw manner?

At the national gallery of Australia, you'd be able to actually check out pieces of exquisite art with 50 other strangers and there would be nothing awkward about it. This is what you may experience on your visit to the art gallery. 

First of all, the guide would lay down some ground rules pertaining to safety and hygiene. These rules are stated as under:

1. Both men as well as woman would take off their clothes in the same room simultaneously.
2. No phones would be allowed in the art gallery.
3. Touching each other is strictly prohibited.
4. Use paper towels if you wish to sit. This is to maintain hygiene.
5. In case of a fire alarm or any other safety related announcement, visitors are advised to follow standard safety procedures. In case of any emergency, trust the authorities would get clothes back on you.

The art gallery attracts people from all walks of life, owing to its amazing concept. You'd find people in their 20s and 30s, seniors, hippies and public servants too.

Once you're in, the brainchild behind the concept Ringhold would ask you to disrobe. Mr. Ringholt has earlier organized similar cloth-free clothes in various cities. He has also held a similar tour at Brisbane's Institute of Modern Art and Sydney's Museum of Contemporary Art. 

It is worth noting that Ringholt is no ordinary guide. In fact, the tour is his art and a unique skill that he has managed to sell to art galleries from across the globe.

His knowledge on art and artists is so extensive that he would give some of the biggest encyclopedias a run for their money. When he started pitching this idea for the first time in 2011, he had to face stiff resistance. He confesses that people continue to remain skeptical about the idea and not many choose to try it.

Indeed the idea behind this tour is not only to give visitors the opportunity to check out extensive art of the finest artists from across the globe but also to instill a sense of self-confidence among people so that they don’t hide from their real self and be proud of what they are.


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