Naked Cyclists

Since the inception of the nudist culture, a lot of communities and societies who are either practicing it or have practiced it in the past have tried to find out ways to incorporate the principles of nudism in the field of sports. One of the most popular sports segments that have successfully managed to cater to the tastes of nudists is biking.
Solstice cyclists, also referred to as the painted cyclists of the solstice parade is a purely artistic, non-political and clothing-optional bike ride to commemorate the summer solstice. While there are a lot of nudist events that are organized across the globe, there are very few events that attract nudists from all over the world.

The event involving solstice cyclists was originally started by streakers that intended to crash the parade. However, naturists participating in this race now emphasize on body painting and other artistry. This group of naked cyclists is also the largest and the fastest growing ensemble group associated with the parade.

While art bikes are very common, other cycles include tall bikes, lowrider bikes, clown bicycles, BMX bikes, cycle rickshaws, and unicycles, among others. Nudity is popular in the parade but isn't a mandatory criterion for participation. The parade has stringent rules pertaining to advertising. According to these rules, any printed communications, written words, leaf-letting or advertising in any form is prohibited along the route of the parade.

Since this event originally took off in 1992, it has been surrounded by a lot of controversies. The local as well as the international media have always had strong opinions about the happenings during each year. Apart from the solstice parade, there are a lot of other events held in several European nations where you can participate and connect with other like-minded people.
Dating experts believe that such events give nudists from across the globe an amazing opportunity to interact with others. In addition to these events, there are a lot of nudist dating websites that you may check out. These feature-packed websites give nudists a warm and non-judgmental atmosphere where they can find their perfect match.

Besides, several nudist dating sites also include information about the latest nudist events in your area thereby allowing you to take your online interactions into the real world.


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