The top 5 destinations for nudists in Ireland

Not many are aware of this but Ireland is soon emerging as a leading holiday destination for nudists from all over the world. Ireland, also referred to as the Emerald Isle, not known of public nudity has recently joined the likes of Spain, France, Croatia and Italy in terms of the highest number of nudist beaches.

As you may know, nudist beach is always the best place to enjoy nudism and it opens to all nudists. Some nudist clubs and resorts are limiting the number of nudist singles.

Nudism is a lifestyle that has eliminated the barriers of color, race, religion and physical appearance. It preaches the lesson of equality and oneness. Probably, this is the reason behind the unprecedented popularity of nudism.

Hundreds of thousands of nudist beach lovers head over to these beaches and engage in activities such as nudist sunbathing, volleyball and other beachside sport activities. If you're looking for an affordable holiday destination with your nudist partners in Ireland during this fall, the following Irish destinations are worth considering:
Silver Strand Beach, Barna, County Galway: Silver Strand is about 4 miles from Galway and naturists flock to this little beach, which is situated just off the main beach. It’s a 20 minute walk on the stone path. The peaceful and serene beach is worth the walk.

Roundstone, County Galway: If you're looking for a picturesque spot to spend time with your near and dear ones, the beach lakes, mountains as well as rivers leading to this area would certainly grab your attention. Naturists must walk the entire length of the beach and take a separate path up the hill.

West Cork, County Cork: The best places to visit in the area include the Eastern and Western sides of Clonakilty Bay, Dunowen, Dunny Cove and Sands Cove. Some of the other popular destinations around this area are Simons Cove, Roaring Water Bay, Lough Hyne and the Beara Peninsula that boast of several deserted beaches exclusive to nudist lovers.

Brittas Bay, Co. Wicklow: This is considered to be one of the finest beaches along the east coast. The main beach isn't clothing-optional and attracts campers and caravans from Ireland and neighboring countries. The nudist beach is located to the south of the main beach and is mainly sandy with a rocky strip, which connects the same dunes and water.

Corballis, Donabate, County Dublin: This beach is situated off the busy M1 motorway that links Dublin and Belfast. The nudist beach is a secluded area that is a 20 minute walk from the parking area. Visitors are advised not to wander about on the main beach as that attracts a lot of families.

A visit to these places would be nothing but dull when you head over to any of these aforementioned places.

An art gallery where you can meet nudists

Who could have thought that art galleries could prove to be just another way to meet nudists

The national gallery of Australia has made this a reality. Situated in Canberra, Australia, this art gallery allows visitors to come in absolutely naked and check out some of the finest collections ever made. Could there be a better way to check out art in the most stripped out and raw manner?

At the national gallery of Australia, you'd be able to actually check out pieces of exquisite art with 50 other strangers and there would be nothing awkward about it. This is what you may experience on your visit to the art gallery. 

First of all, the guide would lay down some ground rules pertaining to safety and hygiene. These rules are stated as under:

1. Both men as well as woman would take off their clothes in the same room simultaneously.
2. No phones would be allowed in the art gallery.
3. Touching each other is strictly prohibited.
4. Use paper towels if you wish to sit. This is to maintain hygiene.
5. In case of a fire alarm or any other safety related announcement, visitors are advised to follow standard safety procedures. In case of any emergency, trust the authorities would get clothes back on you.

The art gallery attracts people from all walks of life, owing to its amazing concept. You'd find people in their 20s and 30s, seniors, hippies and public servants too.

Once you're in, the brainchild behind the concept Ringhold would ask you to disrobe. Mr. Ringholt has earlier organized similar cloth-free clothes in various cities. He has also held a similar tour at Brisbane's Institute of Modern Art and Sydney's Museum of Contemporary Art. 

It is worth noting that Ringholt is no ordinary guide. In fact, the tour is his art and a unique skill that he has managed to sell to art galleries from across the globe.

His knowledge on art and artists is so extensive that he would give some of the biggest encyclopedias a run for their money. When he started pitching this idea for the first time in 2011, he had to face stiff resistance. He confesses that people continue to remain skeptical about the idea and not many choose to try it.

Indeed the idea behind this tour is not only to give visitors the opportunity to check out extensive art of the finest artists from across the globe but also to instill a sense of self-confidence among people so that they don’t hide from their real self and be proud of what they are.

The Best Nudist Hotels Around The World

Are you looking for a great destination for you next nudist holiday? If you love nudism or wish to do something out of the box, this list of the best nudist hotels is sure to grab your attention. Go with your nudist partner and enjoy the nudist fun!
1. Hidden Beach Resort, Tulum, Mexico: This secluded nudist resort is only a 30 minute drive from Cancun Airport on the Caribbean Sea. The hotel offers 42 luxury suites designed exclusively for nudist adults. Regardless of whether you're looking to take a sunbath, participate in activities, dine at the various restaurants located on the resort or just hang around with your partner, everything can be done naked.

2. Vritomartis, Crete, Greece: All the outdoor areas at this hotel are clothing-optional. However, the private beach and the pools are exclusive to nudes. People from all across the globe visit this hotel to explore nature in its purest form. With clothing being optional for staff members as well as guests, everyone is considered equal, which makes first time nudists at ease.

3. Zum Walde, Stolberg, Germany: Hidden in the forests of North-West Germany, this place is where nudism first began. This is also one of the very few nudist resorts that have a code of conduct. Some places in the resort such as the spa, sauna and steam bath are restricted to nudes. The rules are a little more relaxed in the pool area and swimwear is permitted until 8PM.

4. Club Orient Resort, St. Martin, French West Indies: There are very few resorts in the world that are suitable for the entire family and this is certainly one among those. This clothing-optional resort welcomes people across all age groups for beach fun, water sports, massages and other recreational activities along the beach. Visitors to this resort can also enjoy naked cruise trips around the island.

5. Hotel Vera Playa Club, Almeria, Spain: This resort is situated within a huge gated community that is exclusive to nudists. This area encompasses a couple of private beaches, bars, restaurants as well as residential area where you'd find everyone in their birthday suit. The hotels oversee an extended coastline with views of a stunning beach that boast of year-round sunshine.
6. Hylteberga Gard Naturist Bed & Breakfast, Skurup, Sweden: This is the first ever nudist B&B hotel in the world, which is great for first-timers. The people of Sweden are very open to the idea of nudist and nobody would bother you in case you head out for a naked walk down the street. Situated on a little farm, you can try out naked sunbathing on the terrace, visiting nudist beaches and experiencing the sauna.

Before you go, call the resort / clubs you want to visit for more information since some of them may tend to limit the number of single nudists.

Now that you're aware of some of the best nudist hotels in the world, it's time to book your tickets, make reservations and head out on an amazing fun-filled nudist trip.

Nude-In event in San Francisco

Nudists get arrested again at latest‘Nude-In'Event

While social nudity might be considered acceptable in most of the stated in the United States, public nudity is still considered unacceptable. On the other hand, a few states allow both men and women to go about topless but that is where the line has been drawn. Unlike the UK, the USA has a lot of nudist beaches that attract nudists from across the country. However, you'd still be prohibited from going about naked on the streets.

The‘Nude-In'event in San Francisco took a bad turn when police was brought in to control the nudist agitators. While the crowd of supporters was considerably less compared to the previous year, they were passionate about their beliefs and urged the law enforcement agencies to allow ‘body freedom’ just as they currently allow freedom of thought and speech. Nudist dating site maybe the best choice for nudists in San Francisco that banned public nudity.

This year's event was organized to commemorate the second anniversary of the passage of ban on nudity in San Francisco. Citing the behavior of the San Francisco Police Department, observers told that they were violating constitutional rights. It has been said that violating the nudity ban can only be regarded as an infraction.
As per law, a person can only be arrested for an infraction in case he refuses to produce an ID. It has been said that the people that were arrested already had a valid identity proof but in spite of that they were ill-treated. Many people participating in the Nude-In preferred to keep their crotch area covered in order to avoid getting arrested.

A lot of people believe that the nudity ban shall be considered as a negative incident in history. It shall be viewed as an embarrassing attempt to return to the olden days where people did not enjoy freedom of expression. Speakers that participated in the Nude- In claimed that they were receiving unconditional support from a group named Unconstitutional Arkansas. According to local nudists public nudity as well as supporting public nudity was banned there.

It was also pointed out that Portland had surpassed San Francisco as the ‘kinkiest city in the United States’. Residents of the area that has recently turned into an epicenter of nudist movements feel that this would have a negative impact on them, especially their toddlers. In fact, this respite from aggressive movements might be short-lived as the lawsuit filed by nudists to overturn the ban is currently pending in courts.