Nude-In event in San Francisco

Nudists get arrested again at latest‘Nude-In'Event

While social nudity might be considered acceptable in most of the stated in the United States, public nudity is still considered unacceptable. On the other hand, a few states allow both men and women to go about topless but that is where the line has been drawn. Unlike the UK, the USA has a lot of nudist beaches that attract nudists from across the country. However, you'd still be prohibited from going about naked on the streets.

The‘Nude-In'event in San Francisco took a bad turn when police was brought in to control the nudist agitators. While the crowd of supporters was considerably less compared to the previous year, they were passionate about their beliefs and urged the law enforcement agencies to allow ‘body freedom’ just as they currently allow freedom of thought and speech. Nudist dating site maybe the best choice for nudists in San Francisco that banned public nudity.

This year's event was organized to commemorate the second anniversary of the passage of ban on nudity in San Francisco. Citing the behavior of the San Francisco Police Department, observers told that they were violating constitutional rights. It has been said that violating the nudity ban can only be regarded as an infraction.
As per law, a person can only be arrested for an infraction in case he refuses to produce an ID. It has been said that the people that were arrested already had a valid identity proof but in spite of that they were ill-treated. Many people participating in the Nude-In preferred to keep their crotch area covered in order to avoid getting arrested.

A lot of people believe that the nudity ban shall be considered as a negative incident in history. It shall be viewed as an embarrassing attempt to return to the olden days where people did not enjoy freedom of expression. Speakers that participated in the Nude- In claimed that they were receiving unconditional support from a group named Unconstitutional Arkansas. According to local nudists public nudity as well as supporting public nudity was banned there.

It was also pointed out that Portland had surpassed San Francisco as the ‘kinkiest city in the United States’. Residents of the area that has recently turned into an epicenter of nudist movements feel that this would have a negative impact on them, especially their toddlers. In fact, this respite from aggressive movements might be short-lived as the lawsuit filed by nudists to overturn the ban is currently pending in courts.

Nudists chase down naked man with Camera on Maslin Beach

The Maslin Beach, Australia's first official nudist beach became a controversial spot a couple of months ago when an unknown person was accused of indecent filming. The incident reportedly happened on December 21, 2014 where a person said to be in his 40s or 50s, only wearing an Akubra hat, was seen placing his esky to face other un-clothed people on the nudist section of the beach.

It has been said that a woman caught a glimpse of the wooden stand kept inside the esky with a video camera set to film through openings. This act was opposed by other nudists citing privacy concerns. The man was then observed moving down the beach positioning his camera to another unclad couple.
The unknown man garnered a lot of attention from passersby, who chased him down the beach and made a citizen arrest until the law enforcement agency took control over the situation. The police officials that took charge later said that there was insufficient evidence to prove that the person concerned was filming. The camera was thoroughly examined and there was no evidence found to prove the charges against him.

In 1975, the southern section of the Maslin beach was declared as the first official nudist beach in the country. Despite the fact that there are a lot of people looking to explore the nudist culture, a lot of people hesitate to experience it citing privacy concerns. Nudists are friendly people and any attempt to violate this privacy is dealt with seriously. If they happen to observe something wrong, they would certainly poliask them not to film without permission.
If such people continue to create nuisance and disturb general proceedings at that particular place, the next resort would be to get in touch with the local law enforcement agencies and make sure everything continues in a smooth manner. There have been a lot of misconceptions pertaining to people that follow the nudist lifestyle. While some are under the impression that these individuals are obsessed with nudity, naturists beg to differ on this.

Nudists claim to believe in the idea of equality which is free from racial or regional barriers. They also believe that only perverts and undesirables indulge in such kind of activities that cause inconvenience to the general public. It has also been said that there are heavy penalties for indecent filming which includes $10,000 or 2 years of imprisonment. On the other hand, the penalties involving children are much more severe with the culprit having to face a sentence of up to 12 years in prison.

Naked Cyclists

Since the inception of the nudist culture, a lot of communities and societies who are either practicing it or have practiced it in the past have tried to find out ways to incorporate the principles of nudism in the field of sports. One of the most popular sports segments that have successfully managed to cater to the tastes of nudists is biking.
Solstice cyclists, also referred to as the painted cyclists of the solstice parade is a purely artistic, non-political and clothing-optional bike ride to commemorate the summer solstice. While there are a lot of nudist events that are organized across the globe, there are very few events that attract nudists from all over the world.

The event involving solstice cyclists was originally started by streakers that intended to crash the parade. However, naturists participating in this race now emphasize on body painting and other artistry. This group of naked cyclists is also the largest and the fastest growing ensemble group associated with the parade.

While art bikes are very common, other cycles include tall bikes, lowrider bikes, clown bicycles, BMX bikes, cycle rickshaws, and unicycles, among others. Nudity is popular in the parade but isn't a mandatory criterion for participation. The parade has stringent rules pertaining to advertising. According to these rules, any printed communications, written words, leaf-letting or advertising in any form is prohibited along the route of the parade.

Since this event originally took off in 1992, it has been surrounded by a lot of controversies. The local as well as the international media have always had strong opinions about the happenings during each year. Apart from the solstice parade, there are a lot of other events held in several European nations where you can participate and connect with other like-minded people.
Dating experts believe that such events give nudists from across the globe an amazing opportunity to interact with others. In addition to these events, there are a lot of nudist dating websites that you may check out. These feature-packed websites give nudists a warm and non-judgmental atmosphere where they can find their perfect match.

Besides, several nudist dating sites also include information about the latest nudist events in your area thereby allowing you to take your online interactions into the real world.

Nudist Online Dating Advices

Maybe not nudist... initially:

You both may be keen nudists, and after all, that's why you've met on a nudist dating site. But is a nudist venue necessarily the best place for a first date? It depends on what each is looking for, but I would suggest that a more conventional approach is advisable for those seeking a meaningful friendship or relationship. While nudism is an important part of our lives, a friendship or relationship is based on lots of other factors and 'getting to know each other' is fundamental at the beginning of any relationship. A first conversation in a caf??, over lunch or out having a walk is the best indicator of how things might progress later on in the relationship, and if all goes well, there'll be plenty of opportunity for those delicious nudist moments soon afterwards!

Choosing a good place for the first date:

It's not always good to take your first date to a nudist place. Show the inerest that you have that person by going to a normal place to actually get to know each other and listen to music and go dancing or maybe a movie. Earn the respect of the other person so they will feel comfortable with you anywhere not just there.

Always meet for the first time somewhere public. Either a shopping centre, or cafe that has high people traffic, if you are meeting at a nudist beach make sure you meet where the greatest number of people are, that way if you feel unsafe or uncomfortable you can get away without any problems.

Always ensure that your first meeting is in a public place. If you are keen to meet in a nude environment, again, make sure it's either a well used public beach, or a local club that you are familiar with. Always let someone know where you are going and what time you are expected back. Whilst it may sound over the top, you can never really know someone's intentions until you meet them face to face. Being prudent ensures that the outcome will hopefully be fun, exciting, and safe.